Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to drive to the Sea?

    Walkway from Village to the Castle
    Walkway from Village to the Castle

    No, it is just 10 minutes walk to the shore via the River Walkway.

  • Will the property be warm in Winter?
    Yes, we aim to always provide a warm welcome, both in the general sense that the term is used as well as literally. If we cant get there to light the stove for you, then the heating will definitely be set on timer.

  • Do we have to arrive at a set time?
    No, there is a keysafe at the back door of each property, and we will email or text you with the code on arrival date so that you can arrive at any time. We like an estimated time of arrival though so that we can have heating / fire / stove set for you.
  • Are towels provided
    Regrettably from 1 Oct 2022 we no longer provide towels due to the huge increase in our laundry costs.  Towels can be booked at €10 per person per stay payable locally.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes pets are welcome as with all of our rental properties. We have 4legged “regulars” and hope their owners introduce Easkey to them also if they haven’t already!   Dogs themselves love the space and the walks at the shore. We don’t allow them in bedrooms though and the cleaning charges are doubled if any dog hairs are found in any bedroom.
  •  Is the  property safe for pets?
    The 4bed house has an enclosed garden that even our little Yorkshire Terrier cant escape from so it is ideal for dogs.

Guests of the 1bed house will need to supervise their pet outside.

  • Will there be a shop open if we arrive late?
  • 2 grocery shops in Easkey, this one is just 2mins walk. Well stocked (great cones!) and opens late.
    The grocery shop is just 2mins walk. Well stocked (great cones!) and opens til 9pm.
  • Can we dine in Easkey?
    You can enjoy lovely takeout food from Pudding Row during daytime.  You will need to travel for nightime dining with a good selection of restaurants in Enniscrone, Ballina or Aughris (Beach  Bar) , Strandhill  and Sligo.

  • Is there Wi-Fi at the house?YES .  Many of our guests have the facility to work remotely and manage to fit in their work around their ever important surfing timetable!
  • What/Why is the mast at the back of this lovely house?
    In 1997 the Irish Garda authorities made an agreement with a telecommunications company to erect masts ( to improve mobile phone coverage) at several Garda Stations throughout Ireland.    The arguments about this are well documented.  We bought the property in 2016 and accepted the mast as an unfortunate given.    There is a low humming noise emitting from the fans that are running to prevent the mast from getting rusty due to the salty sea air.
    Having lived the nightmare of both noisy neighbour’s and a barking dog in my former city life, I consider the mast a very minor inconvenience.   If potential guests have any concerns about the proximity of the mast then we advise that you fully research before deciding to stay here.  We have specifically included the mast in pictures of the property so that  guests don’t get any surprises when they arrive.